Watershed Management

Focused conservation of natural resources took priority with the introduction of the watershed approach to the management of land and water resources. Here in 1980 the storing of rainwater in percolation tanks, check dams and gully plugs represented a conscious effort to recharge groundwater or restore it to its potential. Soil conservation and rainfed farming methods, community and farm forestry and conjunctive use of groundwater too were demonstrated. One of the pioneers of this approach, the integrated development of land and water came took the shape of the “watershed” with Devpimpalgoan, a village in a drought prone region of Maharashtra declared a “Watershed Model” by the Government of Maharashtra. Supporting the design of this innovative approach was the Swiss Technical Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland. Since then major supporters of this approach have been Ministry of Rural Development, NABARD, ITC, GiZ etc.



Watershed Management Programmes