Water & Sanitation

Since our inception, we have developed some of the most vulnerable areas of the country through the development of water resources. The introduction and application of the yield test technology in 1969, a scientific method of groundwater investigation, placed us amongst a privileged group pioneering the scientific development of groundwater in the country. We led scientific assessments (hydro-geological prospecting) including the estimation of groundwater potentials in some of the most challenging geological conditions – hard rocks of peninsular India. With state of the art equipment, we developed irrigation and drinking water wells. Furthering the development of basic water supply infrastructure, we developed the Vadala hand pump, a model subsequently modified (India Mark II Hand Pump) and widely promoted by UNICEF with a targeted impact of more than 6,00,000 people.

While we continue to develop surface and groundwater; and governance in water (community irrigation) documented as early as the late 1960’s; we expanded our focus, actively encouraging resource security or sustainability only since the 1980’s. Here we focused on recharging aquifers through development of soil and water conservation measures, marking our modest beginnings with issues of equity and justice in water. Governance or community engagement, participation and ownership are complex, continuing and evolving processes, one which we are also working constantly towards improving. Further, widening our focus is the inclusion of safe sanitation and hygiene practices (WASH) and adaptation to climate change.

Supporting us while we contributed to the evolution of holistic approach of water security were agencies like Christian Aid, Lutheran World Relief (LWR), Centre for World Solidarity (CWS), Misereor, Oxfam, Caritas Internationalis, Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) etc. More recently we are supported by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Rural Development, UNICEF, Water Aid, BALCO, BILT, Lafarge Pvt Ltd, Monsanto, Rio Tinto, and Coca Cola India Foundation etc.


Water & Sanitation Programmes