Our Services

DSC05025 1Socio-Technical Surveys & Assessments: We have a deep understanding of the rural settings and this enables us in the identification of community problems.Needs assessments and socio-technical surveys conducted by us,equip our teams with information on the environmental and social and economic conditions in a village and help us in the identification of social technical solutions and assessments of their feasibility. The key thematic areas in which such services are provided include land and water management, sustainable agriculture, sanitation and hygiene, livestock development, animal health care, farm and non farm based livelihoods and renewable energy. Efforts are also being made to mainstream climate change into assessment processes; relying on support from Research institutions for scientific assessments and independently piloting participatory approaches.


Field Implementation: We execute programmes targeted at the social and economic upliftment of local communities either by directly working with local communities or by cooperating with a network of like minded partners. The socio-technical assistance provided by us is of the highest quality; and comprises of state of the art guidance and practical solutions. It draws extensively from the lessons we have learnt over the past five decades, integrating emerging issues and transferring technological advancements, knowledge and skill to the rural community.

2nd party CC visit in PU-IV VillageSarai

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Documentation (MELD): We extensively monitor and evaluate programmes of grassroots level organizations,government departments and Ministries under the Government of India. Additional support has also been extended to national and international funding organizations. We have evolved processes relied upon in monitoring and evaluating programmmes to include an active participation of local communities as well. The recommendations from our assessments and evaluations guide decision makers and planners in identifying areas of critical support, gaps in existing technical, social, institutional, economic and policy spaces and in formulation of approaches to strengthen existing programmes.


Capacity Building: Capacity Building is integral to all of our programmes and has evolved over the five decades since our inception. We build capacities of local communities, Panchayati Raj institutions, local level institutions, representatives from line departments, and staff of grass roots level Non Government Organizations etc. We also build capacities of the international community. Our specialized training programmes build general awareness, knowledge and functional skill sets; with key thematic areas including watershed management, food security and livelihoods, sustainable agriculture, water, sanitation and hygiene, water management and renewable energy.  


Action Research: We have a vast experience of working with the local community, understand key challenges and provide socio-technical support. This diversity of experience enables us to contribute to action oriented research projects and strengthen our learning’s through scientific and systematic assessments of actions undertaken. Core strength of ours lies in connecting research to people and bringing people’s perceptions to policy makers. The recommendations from our action research programmes have guided national and international organizations in shaping their policies and programmes through increased awareness based on sound qualitative and quantitative information.