Renewable Energy

AFPRO has been one of the pioneer organizations in promotion & development of biogas technology in the country. Our landmark contribution on the renewable energy landscape of the country has been the development of the Deenbandhu Biogas model. Through a proactive network of field based organizations, AFPRO made significant contributions to the National Biogas Programme under the Ministry of New and Renewable Sources.

AFPRO’s contribution to the National Project on Biogas Development represents a sound example of Development Collaboration. Initiated in 1981-82, with financial Support from Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), it was a unique experiment involving the non-government/voluntary sector in technology dissemination – Biogas technology. Development Cooperation at its best, implementation strategy represented local preferences, with the experiment culminating in the construction of over 97,000 biogas plants across the country producing over 72 million cum of bio gas per year benefitting almost 1,00,000 families. Success of the experiment can also be represented by the field testing of the Deenbandhu Biogas Model designed by AFPRO and its approval by the Ministry of Non – Conventional Energy Sources. The experiment represents a sound example of technology dissemination through ‘Capacity Building’ approach with capacity of multiple stakeholders built on design and implementation of biogas units.

With Biogas technologies increasing being acknowledged as ‘Climate Change Mitigation’ measures, it is increasingly being viewed for its contribution to reduction of two main greenhouse gases – Carbon dioxide and methane. Source of these gases is cooking stoves based on firewood (CO2) and animal dung (methane). AFPRO has extended its technical capacities on the Deenbandhu Biogas model through Capacity Building initiative – Training of Masons in Kenya. Driven with the intention to promote Clean Development Mechanisms, Atmostfair, as a CER buyer and CDM consult joined hands with Sustainable energy strategies Limited (SES) Kenya for implementation of CDM project in Kenya. AFPRO New Delhi was approached for transferring AFPRO’s invented Deenbandhu biogas plant model 2000. The relatively lower costing model holds the potential for greater adoption by local communities in comparison to other expensive models available. Satisfactory technical support provided by us during the training of masons on construction of Deenbandhu Biogas Model saw an extension of our association with Sustainable Energy Strategies Limited (SES), Kenya.