1. Video: Stories of Change
Three short films from Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra showcasing peoples efforts:
  • Fighting Hunger: Women farmers show the way: 3.27 minutes
  • Protecting forests, protecting people: 4.9 minutes
  • Saving Pulicat: A people’s movement: 3.11 minutes

2. Sansaadhan * Resources
A quarterly newsletter with ready-to-use information on issues related to development. Sansaadhan is distributed free of cost to AFPRO’s grassroots partners and associates

3. Process Documentation : A practical manual for development workers
processSteffen Schulein
Bidisha Fouzdar
Published by AFPRO, May 2002

The manual contains ideas and experiences to enhance the documentation skills of people engaged in development projects.



4. Manual on Deenbandhu Biogas Plant
J.B. Singh
Raymond Myles
Anil Dhussa
Published by Tata-McGraw Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi, 1997

A complete guide to constructing and maintaining the Deenbandhu Biogas Plant developed by AFPRO, with suitable diagrams.

5. Biogas: The Indian NGO Experience
Soma biogasDutta
Ibrahim H
Preeti M
Venkata R
amana P.
d by Tata Energy Research Institute, 1997

A study of the AFPRO-Canadian Hunger Foundation network biogas program through case studies of 12 NGOs spread over 8 states of India.

6. Women Speak Out on Biogas
Action For Food Production, 1992

A compilation of quotes from women using biogas technology in their kitchens.

7. A Practical Guide to Janata Biogas Plant Technology
Raymond Myles
Published by Action For Food Production, 1987

A guide for constructing the janata Biogas Plant, with suitable photographs and diagrams.

8. The Regeneration of Desert Environment in Kelansar
Action For Food Production

A process documentation of a pilot project to regenerate a desert environment in 2 villages – Kelansar and Dodarwala, in western Rajasthan, India

9. Geo-Hydrological Investigations in Noyil River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
Dilip Fouzdar
Action For Food Production

A technical report on geo-hydrological investigations from 436 bore well data collected and compiled in the Noyil river basin.

10. Community Based Disaster Preparedness – A Guide for Development Workers on Cyclones and Floods
disasterbookC M Muralidharan
Published by Disaster Mitigation Resource Institute with support from Care and ECHO

The manual is mainly aimed at trainers in the development sector and gives an overall perspective on disasters, its management and details community-level disaster-preparedness step-wise.


For copies, contact:
Disaster Mitigation Resource Institute

40-26-42, Sri Ram Nagar, Behind Jyothi Mahal, Benz Circle, Vijaywada – 520010, Phone: 91-0866-2487742, 2487743