Small and Marginal Farmers & Marginalized Groups (SC, ST, OBC, BPL families, Landless, Women)

Construction of an open well provides irrigation for a second crop to a small and marginal farmer from Odisha; Kitchen gardens are used to cultivate vegetables and meet household nutrition requirements in Gujarat

We work with rural communities from 27 states, bringing development to them through sound social and technical solutions. The composition of this group includes the resource poor such as small and marginal farmers and marginalized communities (SC, ST, OBC, BPL families, landless, women). In order to improve their livelihoods through management of natural resources (land, water and forests), we focus on development of water resources, sustainable agricultural practices and allied activities. While the former includes the creation of surface water bodies and wells for drinking and irrigation, the latter includes Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Nutrient Management, Systems of Rice and Wheat Intensification (SRI & SWI), kitchen gardens and pastureland development (Common Land). More recently, marketing of agricultural produce including agriculture post harvest management, development of supply chains and skill based enterprise development (on and off farm based) are also being encouraged. Conscious efforts are being made to ensure that these measures withstand the impact of climate change or are climate resilient.

Leading theBMP Cotton crop Way towards Natural Pest Control: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & its success

Since, approximately one-third of the world’s harvest is lost to pest attacks; and the application of pesticides increases the cost of production; non-chemical pest prevention and control practices need to be encouraged. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an eco-friendly and sustainable system of crop protection that maximizes yields and profits                        Read More

Kitchen garden

Raising kitchen gardens helps improve nutritional requirements of family:

R Neelamma and her family of 4, reside in Dasappapalem Village of Ananthapur District in Andhra Pradesh. She owns 2 acres of land, in which she cultivates Groundnut. Read More