Disaster Prone (Drought Prone, Flood Prone, Cyclone Prone etc)

  Integrated Farming System (IFS) model, Dhemaji district, Assam

  Initially, droughts were the main natural disaster we addressed. They have grown to include floods and cyclones. Geographically, the disaster prone areas we work in are located in Maharashtra, Rajasthan Bihar, North East India (Assam), Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. In Flood prone areas, we have piloted the concept of ‘Live Better with Floods’. It includes Integrated Farming Systems and Restructuring of Cropping Patterns. In drought prone areas, the holistic development of water resources based on the guiding principles of watersheds is piloted. However, in cyclone affected areas we continue to implement both relief and resilience strengthening measures. These measures are focused on basic water supply and sanitation and sustainable livelihoods

???????????????????????????????Rice – Fish – Horticulture generating additional income:

Mr. Sashi is a small farmer who would put his land only to the cultivation of rice. Cultivation of a single crop and the income it generated failed to meet the basic requirements of his family.

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