Promoting Sustainable livelihoods through preparation and implementation of Community based Village Development Plans

accThe bulk of the villages in different districts of Chhattisgarh state are lacking of basic facilities such as access to safe and adequate drinking water, education, health and water harvesting measures, improved agricultural practices and micro-enterprise leading to low income & livelihood patterns. There is an earnest need for identification of in such areas/villages or clusters of villages for preparation of “Village Development Plan (VDP)” in an integrated and participatory way leading to enhance capacity, income level and livelihood pattern. The objective of the VDP is to develop the selected villages and people as well in an integrated manner depending upon the need & requirement and available resources base. This leads to a socio-economic empowerment and development along with available and access of basic facilities.

Named symbolically for the spread of light, AFPRO has been implementing an integrated and participatory approach to the development of villages through a project titled ‘Ujiyara’. The project is being implemented in six villages across two clusters (Jamul and Patharia cluster) of Durg district with the support of ACC Jamul and NABARD. Committed to the protection of the environment through its adoption as a corporate objective, ACC Jamul extended its corporate social responsibility initiative to the adoption of six villages with the intention of promoting sustainable livelihoods. Capacity building, an integral component of the project is also being implemented with support of NABARD. Based on the adoption of a participatory approach to the preparation of Village Development Plans, the project is being implemented around for primary activities – Promotion of income generating activities, water and soil resources development, agriculture development and capacity building initiatives.