Climate Change

With changing global and national focuses, AFPRO has modified its focus and approach to the management of natural resources.  Adoption of climate change as a new cross cutting issue has been one of the organization’s more recent accomplishments.

Climate Change is perceived to greatly impact food, water and livelihood security. A note worthy initiative of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), of which AFPRO has had the opportunity to contribute in ‘Vulnerability Assessment and Enhancing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change (V&A)’.  AFPRO collaborated with partners like MS Swaminathan Research Foundation and MANAGE to assess the potential vulnerability of poor farmers. The Climate Change Adaptation programme was a significant pilot initiative in semi-arid regions of the states of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh to engage communities in unpredictable changes in climate through adaptation measures. AFPRO continues to work on climate change through ‘Risk screening’ exercises and development of Climate Smart Training Modules.

In the context of assessment of Impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change and be a part of India’s SNC, AFPRO, a member of INCCA and on behalf of NATCOM-SNC, conducted a study on “Assessment of vulnerability of the livestock and associated livelihoods due to climate change and adaptation strategies in the state of Rajasthan”. The said study also brought out potential adaptations that could possibly decrease the vulnerability of community to climate change. Based on the findings of the study a pilot project is evolved to improve resilience capacity of rural poor living in the semi-arid areas of south Rajasthan through demonstrative program on “Land Adaptation” under climate change scenario.

To evolve adaptations in livestock rearing and improve community resilience to changing climate for rural poor living in the semi-arid region of Rajasthan state, AFPRO is implementing another project on “Integrated Pasture management for improved livestock adaptation” in four villages of Udaipur district Rajasthan under funding support of GiZ under CCA-RAI.

AFPRO is also implementing a Pilot project on climate change adaptation known as “Climate proofing in watershed” in Anjeni watershed in Lasariya block of Udaipur district under joint funding support of NABARD-KfW-GiZ.

Besides this, AFPRO is also conducting a pilot study in the state of Maharashtra on “Extreme risk on vulnerability and community based adaptation” with the support from Norwegian government. This is a two years study project jointly conducted by consortium of four organizations – AFPRO, TERI, NIBR and CICERO.