Run-off controlled

Continuous Contour trenches The main approach road to Anjeni is in the middle of the village. One side of the road is upper ridge and the other side is lower ridge. The road passes through middle of agricultural land and is about 5 Ft. high from the agriculture field. Every year during rainy season, water flows from ridge to the valley instantly crossing and overflowing the road and as a result, every year during the rainy season, the road gets blocked due to this over flow of run-off water. … Continue reading

Ground Water Level Increased

One farmer Mr. Ram Singh from Ajenivillage is having a dug well constructed few years back. But since then he never got enough water in the well. The depth of the well is about 70 ft and used to be full during monsoon but after a single irrigation, it used to dry up and never used to recuperate until next monsoon. … Continue reading

Watermelon cultivation, Poha village, Karanja lad block, Washim district, Maharashtra

First farmer in his village to cultivate a summer crop – introducing low cost agricultural practices in Vidharaba region Harun Shekih is a poor farmer living in Poha village located in Maharashtra infamous Vidharba region. For his family of six, cultivating 0.40ha of land is all that they can stake claim to as a source of livelihood. He reaps soya bean in the kharif and may take an additional crop of rabi depending on water availability in his well. More often than not he is forced to restrict his cropping pattern to a kharif crop alone. … Continue reading