Promotion of the Deenbandhu Biogas model: Experiences from the National Project on Biogas Development

Under the climate change regime, there is a growing concern among the global community to mitigate anthropogenic factors contributing to this change. Consumption of fuel for cooking is also identified as a contributor. With Biogas technologies increasing being acknowledged as a ‘Climate Change Mitigation’ measure, it is increasingly being viewed for its contribution in reduction of two main greenhouse gases – Carbon dioxide and methane. In addition to this it can save millions of tones of firewood burnt as fuel and also generate rural livelioods. We have pioneered the promotion & development of biogas technology in the country through a decade long programme titled ‘National Project on Biogas Development (NPBD)’. The programme is implemented with the support of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). Through a network of grassroot level NGO, over 97,000 biogas plants across the country have been constructed.  The Deenbandhu Biogas Model designed by us is approved by the formerly Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources. Due to experiences from this project, we have been invited to train and monitor the implementation of biogas plants in Kenya.

Due the successful demonstration of the Deenbandhu Biogas technology in India, we were invited by atmosfair, a climate protection organization actively protecting the climate by compensating greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies to demonstrate this technology in Kenya, Africa. Our biogas trainers trained technicians and masons in construction of these plants. During the project 40 masons we constructed under our supervision itself.

Successful demonstration of the Deenbandhu Biogas plant in Kenya

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