Preparing Model Livelihood Action plan under Watershed Plus approach

Livelihood Security for 600 million farmers is recognized as a National Goal. While, there are numerous approaches, the approach which is relied upon heavily, especially, in rainfed areas is that of the Watershed. Watershed Plus is a value addition to conventional watershed programmes with a focus on development of livelihoods. Initially, AFPRO is contributing to the Watershed Plus programme through preparation of Livelihood Action Plans for two watersheds in Maharashtra. Here functional capacities of Watershed Development Teams (WDT) from the Agriculture Department on assessment of livelihoods and preparation of Livelihood Action Plans have been built. Assessment and Plan preparation processes gave due recognition to the adoption of both participatory and business approaches. While, participatory approaches include stakeholder meetings especially with local communities and ensure that community preferences are taken into consideration; business approaches include assessments of technical and financial viability of livelihood opportunities and assess viabilities.

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