“Climate Proofing – a Watershed”

Climate Proofing - a Watershed

Climate Proofing – a WatershedEnhancing Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Semi-Arid Regions of India

The Rajasthan State Action Plan on Climate Change (RSAPCC) mentions a significant warming and a change in natural climate variability, especially in rainfall. While, there is a general decrease in rainfall, pockets of increased variability also exist. Coupled with limited and/or over exploited water resources and a dependence on climate sensitive livelihoods, the state is highly vulnerable to climate change. Representing an effort to demonstrate the recommendations of the RSAPCC is a unique collaboration between NABARD and GiZ. Leading this initiative at the grassroots level is our association with a project titled ‘A Pilot project on “Climate Proofing in Watershed – Anjeni”; While this Indo German Watershed (IGWDP) is located in Lasaria block, Udaipur district (Anjeni watershed) and has an average size of 972 ha; additional technical partners in the project were IIT Delhi and Departments and Universities associated with agriculture and animal husbandry. The goal of the project is to improve livelihoods of the community through implementation of a watershed development project, with Climate proofing aspects, by enhancing agriculture and livestock production. Here, climate change impacts (current and future challenges/opportunities) are incorporated into the watershed programme, contributing to the building ‘climate resilient’ livelihoods. The key components of the project climate proofed include soil and water conservation measures, wasteland/pastureland development approaches and agriculture and allied activities. A Mini Agro Met laboratory too has been installed in this watershed.

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