Integrated approach for delineating potential zones to explore for groundwater in the Seethanagaram Mandal of Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hydrogeomorphological, hydrogeological and geophysical investigations were carried out in the Seethanagaram Mandal of Vizianagaram district, Andhra Pradesh to delineate the potential zones for groundwater exploration. The study area is underline by Archean group of rocks. The satellite images were examined based on visual interpretation and the study area was divided into several geomorphological units and hydrogeomorphological map have been prepared. The findings from the study include the occurrence of groundwater in weathered and fractured zones. Based on the above geomorphological and hydrogeological inference promising zones were demarcated for carrying out detailed Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES). An interactive interpretation of the VES data sharpened the information inferred from geomorphological and hydrogeological reconnaissance. Situation-specific conclusions where then drawn for recommending the well sites for drilling. The interpreted VES results correlated very closely with the drilling litholog. Pumping Test (Step Drawdown Test) was carried out in the drilled well locations to determine the specific capacity of the well.

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