Contributing to building Resilience to Climate Change and Assessment of Vulnerability to Climate Change in a Semi Arid region – Water and Climate Resilience Program (WACREP)

Climate Change manifests itself through a change in the nature of extreme weather events experienced by a region. With Action Plans on Climate Change prepared at global, national and state levels, local level variations in key climatic variables create the need to conduct climate change vulnerability assessments at smaller assessment units. Supporting Global Water Partnership (GWP) under their country initiative, India Water Partnership (IWP) designed and initiated the Water and Climate Resilience Program (WACREP) for assessing vulnerabilities to climate change; and for building the resilience of poor communities of ten villages in Bhinder block, Udaipur district to it.

Major outcomes from the Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques applied under the Program have contributed to the assessment of local vulnerabilities; and in the identification of adaptation options, especially, for those dependent on climate sensitive sectors (agriculture, livestock, water resources etc). Key resilience building measures identified under the program include generation of awareness amongst farmers and local people through comprehensive technical inputs on farming, development of water resources for ensuring sustainable supply for drinking and irrigation, and active participation of the local Panchayats and other Government schemes/organizations.

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