Studying Socio-Economic Condition of Inhabitants of the Wakal River Basin

Wakal river basin in Rajasthan has been selected by GLOWS as one of the three river basins i.e. Pastazain Peru, Wakal in India, and Mara in Kenya/Tanzania from three critical regions (South America, Asia and Africa) for the study of water resources and for identifying site-based activities that seek to foster sustainability through the development and implementation of integrated technical, economic, organizational, and political approaches to water resource management. AFPRO supported ADP Navprabhat of World Vision by conducting the study. The key components of the study included the data collection and analysis of the socio-economic conditions of the inhabitants of Wakal river basin, and the current utilization and management of water resources. Tools of remote sensing and GIS (Geographical Information Systems (GIS) were used during the study.

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