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Bringing potable water closer to homes

Kangthokhao village, in Thoubal district of Manipur has 500 households, a huge number till 20 years ago. They used to depend on a single stream passing through the village for their drinking water requirements. This stream also supplied water to villages upstream, affecting the flow to Kangthokchao. Also, the stream would get polluted from the waste generated upstream leaving villagers with no other option but to use water from the ponds for drinking. The condition of drinking water in the summer was represented by dry streams and ponds.

Based on community mobilization exercises, the community was mobilized to pilot the effectiveness of HRF-SSF technology (Horizontal Roughing Filter (HRF) & Slow Sand Filter (SSF)) in their villages. Horizontal Roughing Filter (HRF) & Slow Sand Filter (SSF) are separate water treatment technologies designed for comprehensive and effective water filtration for providing potable water in areas that have highly turbid and hard water. The water is first treated for hardness and turbidity and then filtered for finer impurities and sediments. The HRF & SSF performs both these functions.

Sundary say, “My child who is quite anemic and sick used to get many attacks of dysentery earlier. This has now come down.” Radhika one of her neighbors also said that her child too had suffered from lesser incidents of fever since the HRF-SSF was in place. The benefits of health were also confirmed by others in the village. The villagers say, “People from Salungphang and Maning-leikai are coming to collect water from our tank.” After the construction of the HRF, the village has become a centre for quality drinking water, not just meeting its own needs, but also the needs of the people from habitations that are near.

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