Creating Wealth from Waste: A success story where Biogas was generated from Dairy waste

Solanki Vajangbhai Maldebhai runs a small milk processing plant in Junagadh district of Gujarat buying and processing about 200 liters of milk daily. The processing of milk leaves a foul smelling liquid, difficult to dispose.

At a time when a local NGO trained under the AFPRO-CHF (Canadian Hunger Foundation) Network Programme was trying to motivate people in this village to install biogas plants, an innovative farmer who had adequate cattle, decided to install and run a biogas plant on dairy waste.

The biogas plant constructed is operating completely on dairy waste and takes care of the cooking fuel needs of his entire family.

Due the successful demonstration of the Deenbandhu Biogas technology in India, we were invited by atmosfair, a climate protection organization actively protecting the climate by compensating greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies to demonstrate this technology in Kenya Africa. Motivated to share our experience and contribute to the development of African countries, we were the only non government organization to participate in the India Africa Summit, organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

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