Securing Livelihoods: Extension in agriculture and allied activities

Solitary economic activities of small and marginal farmers are characterized by low productivities, attributed to amongst others, inadequate management of natural resources. However, agricultural extension can contribute towards optimum utilization of land resources, improvement in productivity, food security, and livelihoods of millions who continue to rely on agriculture for incomes.

Our agricultural extension is designed to enhance productivities and incomes of local communities through scientific assessments of capacities; acknowledging and prioritizing the development of those potentials that have local relevance and demand. Here geography relevant Package of Practices (PoP) and capacity building approaches are designed for farmers and local institutions – integrating cropping systems, horticulture, livestock, fishery and poultry – to strengthen farm based livelihoods.

Innovative models extended by us through our programmes include Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) models, Agro-Forestry models, Sloping Land Agricultural Technology (SALT), Dryland Farming Technology and Kitchen Gardens.

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