Sustainable Agriculture: Sustainable Livelihoods

The unscientific application of fertilizers and pesticides compromises the sustainability of agriculture. Further, smaller scales of production, characteristic of small and marginal farmers, creates an environment restricting the adoption of soil and post harvest management practices, credit and marketing of produce etc.

Soil Management practices in our programmes are designed to include Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) practices with recommended PoPs including testing of soil, application of manure (organic – vermi and nadeep compost) etc. Concerted efforts to advocate the adoption and wider replication of such practices too are being made.

Reduction of risks across the supply chain including strengthening of agricultural marketing – quality management (storage etc), grading, establishment of linkages with the distribution network etc are being demonstrated through our programmes, contributing to an increase in the economic viability of agriculture for the small and marginal farmer.

Adapting our roles to suite contextual requirements, our efforts to reduce institutional and policy barriers need to be intensified before scalable models can be recommended.

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