Evolution of the Watershed Approach

Inherent land use capabilities are compromised due to human practices such as intensive utilization of land, absence of land management practices and shifting cultivation. They aggravate natural forces of degradation, manifest in the development of rills and gullies and degraded pastures, and affect productivity.

Introduced in the 1970’s and based on the management of hydrological units of land, the watershed approach offers solutions aimed at restricting this degradation; and contributing to resource conservation and restoration. Here, the focused development of land and water resources defines the support extended.

Capacity building of multiple stakeholders including technical staff from key line departments too is supported. The key themes addressed are Institution Building, Social Mobilization, Livelihood Promotion, Project and Finance Management and Agriculture Engineering and Agriculture Management.

Linking of Climate Proofing or Climate Change Adaptation with the conventional watershed approach is an innovative methodology shielding climate vulnerable sectors and livelihoods dependant on it; and demonstrated in our programmes.

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