Securing Water for Food

Abundant or scarce, water drives livelihoods of millions of communities. Access to water and water stresses at critical periods of crop growth impact production; and corresponding incomes earned. Augmenting access to water resources, including optimum utilization practices, opens a window of opportunity to alleviate lives of vulnerable communities.

Our illustrious work on groundwater development has roots in hydro-geological surveys and aquifer performance tests, with citing and installation of bore wells, tube wells, and hand pumps part of our support. For over four decades irrigation potentials have been created and supplemented by irrigation infrastructure (surface and groundwater) including water conservation measures. Such measures support farmers with water security required for augmenting agricultural production.

Strengthening of indigenous technologies has also formed an integral part of our support with Channel based Diversion systems (Gravity flow based) representing one such example.

Efficiency in irrigation systems, increasingly being encouraged under the water security approach, is addressed through structural interventions – minor irrigation systems (drip and sprinkler irrigation); farm level interventions – alternate row irrigation etc; and vegetative interventions. Also, efforts are being made to address issues of energy efficiency in irrigation – amalgamating the traditional with the modern.

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