Adapting to Changing Climates

A change in natural climate variability, including extreme events – manifestations of climate change – is increasing vulnerabilities across sectors. By adapting to such changes, the risk faced by poor and marginalized communities can be reduced. Adoption of climate change as a cross cutting issue has been one of the organization’s more recent accomplishments.

We have been contributing to fundamental aspects of climate change – assessments of vulnerabilities – through scientific studies on contributing factors. Collaborating with leading national & international research institutes have formed a part of favored strategies.

We have also been closely working with adaptation options, serving as effective bridges between scientific research and grass roots communities. Innovative approaches are being piloted across arid and semi arid regions. However, forays into flood prone areas too have been made.

Synchronizing capacities of multiple stakeholders is also an arena into which we have recently entered. Capacity building of grassroots level communities on climate change and adaption is an extended service which we are providing.

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