Wealth from waste

Village Madhokhera is an un-electrified village on the Lucknow-Rai Bareilly highway. In 1993, the Appropriate technology Development Association (ATDA) introduced a project called Wealth from Waste in the village.  The objective of this project was to utilize biogas primarily for electricity generation and then for various applications. Specific activities that were undertaken in Madhokhera as part of this project are:

  • Provision of street lighting, home lighting, pumping of water for irrigation, washing and drinking etc.
  • Construction of toilets in the village
  • Provision of better quality manure from biogas slurry

All these activities have resulted in substantial changes in the quality of life for the people of Madhokhera. With the ready availability of irrigation water through tube wells and wells laid out irrigation channels, income from agriculture has increased. Application of biogas manure has also increased the yield from agriculture. With the supply of electricity to the houses in, the lifestyle of the people has improved in many ways. Lighting has enabled children to read and write.

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