Water Funds in Maharashtra

Nanaware Vasti, a small dairy community of 187 people and 160 cattle in Ghoti village is making news. Water overflowing from a bore well fitted with a submersible pump used to inundate the surrounding area, resulting not only in the loss of precious ground water but also creating unsanitary conditions due to water logging around. In a village meeting, the community suggested constructing a tank to store the excess flow. Technicians from AFPRO worked out the estimates, and the tank was completed at a cost of Rs. 80,000, including Rs. 30,000 contributed by the community. People get piped water for drinking now, and the excess is used for horticulture activities on 10 acres of village common lands. The income from this will go into a Water Fund that will maintain the drinking water supply scheme.

35 villages in Vidharba and central Maharashtra (including Ghoti) are part of a broad-based programme for providing drinking water and sanitation facilities and encouraging enhanced hygiene. The programme supported by Water Aid, is touching the lives of 27,140 villagers in these villages. In its fourth running year, the programme has been instrumental in bringing in changes in personal hygiene and availability of drinking water.

Gramin Samasya Mukti Trust, one of the partners, has already taken the first steps towards sustaining the effects of the programme by forming a water and sanitation committee, whose job is to ensure participation from others. Federations of 13 villages and 18 hamlets have also been formed, which has started a Water Fund to repair and maintain the created infrastructure.


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