Run-off controlled


Continuous Contour trenches

The main approach road to Anjeni is in the middle of the village. One side of the road is upper ridge and the other side is lower ridge. The road passes through middle of agricultural land and is about 5 Ft. high from the agriculture field. Every year during rainy season, water flows from ridge to the valley instantly crossing and overflowing the road and as a result, every year during the rainy season, the road gets blocked due to this over flow of run-off water.

This year, as a result of undertaking different Soil & Water Conservation measures on the upstream under the Capacity Building Programme phase like construction of Gully plugs, Contour Trenches, Staggered trenches etc. the water flow has been reduced drastically. According to the villagers of Anjeni, during the monsoon of 2012, water never overflowed and crossed the road even they received same rainfall as in the last year. Now flow of water has been stopped by different measures and water is being percolated in the ground.

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