Optimising Water Use through Appropriate Distribution

Community water distribution from a single overhead storage reservoir (OHSR) faces the problem of vandalism on the distribution side, with acute consequences in areas where water supply to the reservoir is low. The AP III project of the Government of Andhra Pradesh aims to replace OHRSs with multiple medium-level storage reservoirs (MLSRs) for rural areas in the Vijayanagaram district. The project is assisted bilaterally by the Royal Netherlands Embassy and the Government of India. AFPRO took up the job of calibrating the drinking water schemes in five habitations in Jami Mandal. The multiple MLSRs avoid wastage and ensure better maintenance of the system. Besides system calibration, Public Stand Posts (PSPs) calibration has also been carried out in order to ensure a similar filling time for all the MLSRs.

A drinking water scheme like this can sustain only when there are well-defined systems with clear roles and responsibilities to monitor and maintain it. Thus, people’s body called a Manisa has been formed for each system. In all, 12 MLSRs have been calibrated by AFPRO for the five habitations, benefiting 3,652 inhabitants of the area.

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