Ground Water Level Increased

Continuous Contour trenches

One farmer Mr. Ram Singh from Ajenivillage is having a dug well constructed few years back. But since then he never got enough water in the well. The depth of the well is about 70 ft and used to be full during monsoon but after a single irrigation, it used to dry up and never used to recuperate until next monsoon.

During the year 2011, as a result of undertaking different SWC measures on the upper ridge, the well is having enough water to cater the needs in agriculture as well as drinking purpose. According to Mr. Ram Singh, first time for 2012 Rabi season, he produced wheat from his small patch of land using full irrigation from his well. More over, as he said, after each irrigation, the well got dried but with in 10 to 12 hours time, it got recuperated and became full again. Three farmers of that particular area also got similar benefit.

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