Cadre Building for NRM: A training course

The management of natural resources requires a skilful blend of physical components, socio-economic practices, and proper linkages among Governmental and non-Governmental agencies in order that village communities and the natural environment from which they draw their sustenance benefit. Often, the degree of success of a program that requires such interdisciplinary skills depends on the attitude and orientation person on the field. With this in view, AFPRO has designed a year-long training course for field workers in NRM. To be conducted jointly with Janvikas, Ahmedabad, the program will be subsidized through a grant from SDC, Berne.

The course covers socio-technical aspects and skills to be applied in the rural setting. Around 60 per cent of the course time is allotted for field exercises and placements at project villages with experienced NGOs. 12 candidates were taken for the first batch, started in July 2001.


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