“Climate Proofing”- Anjeni Watershed”

anjeniClimate change is the greatest global challenge facing us today which through a multitude of impacts poses a risk to our ecology, economy and society. Observation shows that changes  being experienced in the climate of Rajasthan are over and above the natural climate  variability prevailing in the region. Studies have shown that Rajasthan falls in areas of greatest climate sensitivity, maximum vulnerability and lowest adaptive capacity. Already, water resources in the State are scarce and have a highly uneven distribution both temporally and spatially with highest probability of drought occurrence.

In view of this and to assist the communities to cope with these challenges and secure water availability, The Indo-German Watershed Development Programme (IGWDP) of NABARD  in Anjeni, being implemented by  AFPRO Udaipur  was selected from among NABARD’s watersheds in Rajasthan to pilot ‘Climate Proofing of Watershed Programmes’. It was an initiative by NABARD and GiZ to demonstrate as to how existing development programmes could be modified to incorporate changes in climate.

Climate proofing of watershed development programmes is a methodological approach aimed at incorporating climate change impacts into watershed development planning. It helps in assessing adaptation measures in relation to current and future challenges/opportunities and enables implementation of efficient and resilient watershed programmes through identification and prioritization of options for action. For developing net plan for climate resilient watershed management, current climate risks, future climate projections, its impacts on water and agriculture and farmer’s experiences/knowledge in facing the extreme weather events were considered. Important suggestions included, soil and water conservation, increasing Water Use Efficiency, mobile phone linked ICT and capacity building.

Anjeni Watershed

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