Securing Drinking Water

Access to adequate and ‘Safe’ drinking water has been accorded highest priority in India’s National Water Policy. However, millions continue to be deprived of basic drinking water security due to issues of inadequate access, water quality failing to meet nationally accepted standards and the poor adoption of integrated approaches to address these issues.

We have been actively addressing the issue of access to drinking water through creation of basic drinking water infrastructure (dug wells and bore wells etc); and piped water supply systems. Innovative design solutions are being extended to communities residing in remote, topographically and geologically complex geographies.

We have brought access to potable water closer to several communities through the design of a unique Water Filter. It combines the functionality of existing Horizontal Roughing Filter (HRF) and Slow Sand Filter (SSF) technology. ‘Water Safety around drinking water sources is also being introduced through protection of drinking water systems and waste water disposal systems.

Our Rainwater harvesting structures address issues of declining water security, especially in water stressed geographies; contributing to both surface storages, as well as recharge (source protection).

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