Keeping Pace with an Evolving Watershed Approach

Watersheds as an approach to planning land and water resources have been in existence for a good couple of decades. With its evolving scope, our approach to these hydrological units of land too has grown.

Our watershed at Devpimpalgaon, Maharashtra, represents our pioneering work with this approach, as early as the 1970’s. Our teams since then have proactively contributed to introducing this approach in other states as well.

An innovative approach being piloted by us is linking of watersheds with the climate change paradigm. The‘Climate Proofing’ methodology attempts to shield vulnerable sectors and is being piloted at select watersheds.

Our well defined training modules are contributing to capacity building of multiple stakeholders including technical staff from key line departments. Key themes being addressed by us are Social Mobilization, Livelihood Promotion and Project and Finance Management.

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