Water & Governance

The declining per capita availability of water is increasingly stressing on sustainable approaches to water utilization. Also, constraints in further investing on creation of water related infrastructures are assigning significant weight to operation and maintenance (O&M) of existing ones. Here systems of governance hold integral solutions to improvements in operational efficiency and sustainability.

We recommend the involvement of farmers and village institutions in the management of water (‘Participatory Groundwater Management’ & ‘Participatory Irrigation Management’) resources. Here need based capacity building are part of the support extended. Institutions trained to operate and maintain drinking water supply systems including piped water supply are Village Water and Sanitation Committees (VWSC) and Water User Groups (WUG) etc. Our ‘Hand Pump’ technicians too contribute to O&M including repair of existing drinking water structures and training of para-professionals from the local communities.

Repair, renovation and restoration of existing infrastructure including water bodies too are part of the support extended by us.

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